Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Emotional Intelligence for Team Success

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Well, in order to be effective members of a team, we must understand what we are capable of offering as individuals. We should also recognize our current limitations and our emotional triggers. If Joe knows he becomes frustrated when forced to work under extreme pressure, he can begin finding ways to avoid an outbreak of emotions that could undermine the team’s success.

From a social competence standpoint, in order to work effectively with others on the team, it’s important we know what they are capable of offering, what triggers their negative emotions, and how to help guide them down the most rational path. If the rest of the team knows that Joe doesn’t work well under pressure, they will be more capable of dealing with the problem should it arise. Furthermore, if this emotional trigger is addressed as a team, there becomes an opportunity for the other members to help Joe find ways to avoid the trigger. Open communication helps to set a proverbial bar that the team can help Joe to raise over time.

Identifying the emotional intelligence of team members and the overall team establishes a baseline for health that can be improved with effort. Some of the most collaborative environments in business, synagogues, associations and families, are those filled with people who recognize the important role EQ plays. They identify their group’s current EQ state, implement practices that improve it over time, and measure it regularly to make sure it is heading in the right direction. This results in a powerful team with self-motivated individuals who achieve amazing results again and again.

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