Tuesday, December 18, 2007

"Visually Pleasing"

One of our team members, Kristen, was discussing our blog layout, and she mentioned how “visually pleasing” using rounded corners was to her. Now, she uses that term frequently, and this time, it got me to thinking. Rounded corners are pleasing, aren’t they? I mean, when my husband and I take our daughter to the indoor playscape, I look around at the sharp edged corners of the chairs and tables, and wonder what the owners were thinking. It’s a kids’ play area, and it’s loaded with sharp edges. Strange. Maybe, on the other hand, this is helpful in the children’s development. After all, the world is full of sharp edges. Growing up is a tough learning experience, especially if, as a child, you were exposed only to rounded corners.

But, as I work at growing a business and nurturing a family, it’s all about building good relationships. And, open, stable relationships are made of rounded corners. Harsh words and other sharp edges do not cultivate the types of relationships that stand the test of time. Only rounded corners can do that – like taking time to say what you mean in a way that doesn’t hurt feelings, doing helpful things for those you appreciate, going the extra mile for everyone. A rounded corner approach can help to shave down the sharp edges of other people – both at work and at play. Imagine how much more “visually pleasing” that could be.


Wednesday, December 12, 2007

4 Easy Steps to Get Closer to Your Goals

When you're making your New Year's Resolutions for 2008, implement a plan to get more accomplished and move closer to your goals by poring only through the most impactful information. Here's 4 easy steps to help you do it!

1.) Identify and remove the useless– If it is not a fact, it is utterly useless. If it is a fact, but does not directly move us closer to our life’s goals, it’s also not very useful.

2.) Prioritize and document the useful- The number one priority is that which will move us closest to our goals. Put them on paper and make sure you share it with the people who can help you achieve them.

3.) Select and act upon the highest impact item- Planning is a simple dream until we begin acting upon the plan.

4.) Evaluate your success and repeat the process. Stay flexible by continuously evaluating the progress and the process. If something isn’t working as well as it should, or if useless activities have worked their way into the process, make adjustments. Start the process again, and enjoy the satisfaction of achievement!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

First Post!

Welcome to our first blog here at VerbalWise! We are excited to get posts up, and look forward to reading your comments. This one is primarily a test, but stay tuned for a new post coming soon around the idea of accurate thinking.

Again, thanks for your support!

Kristen Roberts
Project Manager &
Sparketing Specialist