Thursday, February 21, 2008


Whenever I work on our newsletter (like I'm doing now, for March), I love surfing the internet hunting around for fun little tidbits that our readers will enjoy, such as quotes, good pictures, random tidbits of information, etc. But I got to thinking, what if I create a forum where our readers can send us feedback on what they'd like to see? So I decided to talk about it here. Of course, you can always email me at if you'd like to send something in anonymously. But if you like, send some comments on our blog here! We'd love to get your feedback and gather some inspirations to those who matter most to us - you!!

So what can we do to better serve your needs? What types of articles are you looking to read? How can we help your organization grow? Or even fun stuff: what type of contest would you like to see, what would make a good prize that you'd like to receive?

Send us your thoughts!! :-)


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